This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

PayPal Strikes Again

By Garry Paypal strikes again. I sold an item outside eBay for the buyer wanted to pay via Paypal, no problem. The item was posted, registered mail, and all seemed well. 29 days later I get a notice from Paypal … Continue reading

A Legal Way To Steal

By Tessa I have had a paypal account for a few months and have an adult matching site and everything seemed fine and paypal sent me an email telling me they needed to me to confirm my bank card details … Continue reading

PayPal Failed Funds

By John Davis I set up my paypal account,listing my checking account and my credit card as funding sources.The idea was to use my checking account to pay bills,or if there was no money in checking,to use my visa as … Continue reading

It’s Payback Time

By Daniel I am a program owner and i am giving away lot’s of great things for my members to use and it worked out fine for a couple of weeks..Until i started to get in a lot of nem … Continue reading

PayPal Shut Me Down

By Sam Paypal shut me down and said I had no appeal.  With persistence and politeness, I finally was able to show them the facts and they agreed they’d made a mistake.  They reinstated me on the condition that I … Continue reading

Can’t Get My Money

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I am a customer of Paysat I have tried on a number of occasions to get my money. The amount is not great but my belief is no matter how much it was I would … Continue reading

Problem With PaySat

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I am also having a very bad experience with paysat, I would like to know if the person on your homepage ever got his money? I am thinking I will not get mine! I recommend … Continue reading

Attempt To Get Business

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I got an email from paypal asking me to update my acct.  I don’t have an acct unless my bank or utility companies are using them to do tranfers.  I attempted to respond, but go … Continue reading

PayPal Robbed My Money

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Paypal outright stole my money.  Some buyer claimed the item was different than he said and they just gave him back his money.  he got the product and the money.

Requesting Bank Card Info

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous  I received an e-mail from PayPal requesting my bankcard information and checking account number.  I hope this wasn’t a scam, I should of contacted you before I gave out this information.  Hope this was a … Continue reading