This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

No Amicable Resolution

By Jeremy My issue with Paypal regards a purchase I made in November ’04.  I paid $400 for an ebay item, after which the seller never once tried to contact me, wouldn’t respond to my emails/calls, and never sent me … Continue reading

Words Fell On Deaf Ears

By Steven paypal have suspended my account with no warning, i have traded on ebay for 2 years with 2 ebay accounts and have very good feedback, and they have earned plenty from me but the reason they have suspended … Continue reading

PayPal, Face The Light

By Vic Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for reading my e-mail. I tried to sell an item using E-bay and PayPal suddenly they promptly placed a link on my item that said CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED. WHAT?So what do people … Continue reading

Bank Account Is Primary

By Howard Dorsey When some one is setting up an account with Pay Pal so that one can pay for items, one is asked for a primary bank number, and a primary card number. I can see the need for … Continue reading

Unverified Purchaser

By Jane My complaint about Paypal is from the perspective as an “unverified” purchaser.  I have very good credit and a high limit on my Visa but I am unable to use my credit limit due to the limit imposed … Continue reading

I Was Almost A Victim

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I am so thankful to your website. I just started my own Custom Drapery business and I almost became one of their victims until I came across your website. I am so sorry to read … Continue reading

No Choice But To Pay

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Well my story starts all the way back in August 2004, i sold a mobile phone to a buyer on E Bay for £145, the buyer paid immediately by Paypal and the funds were available … Continue reading

Ways To Make Purchase

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I do not have a story to publish but a question.  Is PayPal the only way to purchase on eBay if you are using a credit card or debit card?  I currently have a PayPal … Continue reading

Dragging Their Feet

By Steven Russell  I had an account with pay pal for some time, and was continually charged fee after fee, so when I sold individual items on ebay, I ended up losing about 150% on the sales. Then when I … Continue reading

PayPal Info Confirmation

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous My boss recieved an e-mail from PayPal Customer Support saying that their Account Review Team identified some unusual activity on our account and that one or more attempts to log into our account from a … Continue reading