This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Received Bad Item

By Cathy Pay Pal please contact me regarding a purchase from Idealstop. The purchase was a hydraulic facial chair purchased on 7-13-05.The box that was shipped in was torn the quality was extremely poor, falling apart and would not stay … Continue reading

How To Bypass PayPal

By Amara When I picked up my mail after a 2 week vacation, I found 3  separate packages coming from different locations, containing a total of 4 children’s game CD’s.  As I have no children at home I have no … Continue reading

PayPal Shopaholic

By Natasha Gilbert im a shop aholic and one day i was on ebay and purchased almost $200 worth of stuff , nopt realizing i didnt have the money in my back account, paypal did withdraw  about$210 from my account … Continue reading

It’s Got To Stop

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous i was taken for $9000 june of 2005. for selling a motor on ebay. after shipment paypal put a hold on my account for stolen card screwing me out of all that money. they need … Continue reading

Shut Down This Scam

By Nyya This is to report a scam that from individual(s) who are using AOL.  Their email addresses are:;;; and I was searching the internet for a home-based opportunity and came across Smarthunt.job where the above individual(s) ask you to … Continue reading

PayPal Is Too Slow

By Tommy Paypal used to be brilliant on Ebay. You ‘win’ auction, you pay instantly. Now it is slower than walking to anywhere in England, (and paying seller with cash). We still get instant receipt, butEbay states item wikll be … Continue reading

Worried About Security

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I do not have a story to publish but a question.  Is PayPal the only way to purchase on eBay if you are using a credit card or debit card?  I currently have a PayPal … Continue reading

Additional Credit Card

By Charles Smith One of the big problems with Paypal is that you need an additional credit card account with a valid address that matches that with your existing credit card account (that is, the shipping address and the billing … Continue reading

Can’t Get A Refund

By Lori I purchased a “mink coat” in February from a woman who had 100% feedback for $425.00.  When the coat came in a small priority box I knew I was in trouble.  I opened the box and was disappointed … Continue reading

Retaliating Against PayPal

By D Barton Today 4/19 my auction on eBay was cancelled out of relatiation.  I had over 200 auctions going and was constatnly gettting harassed by other eBayers because I will nto accept Paypal payments because Paypal defauded my out … Continue reading