This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

The PayPal Nightmare

By Rosella  I started to sign up for paypal, over a year ago. I never completed the form. When I got to the page for banking info, I closed it without filling it in. Three weeks ago,paypal made two deposits … Continue reading

Nothing Is Happening

By Atty  My paypal account has been frozen despite them saying it will be sorted. For some reason my page said that i had to go through a special safety proceedure where i had to put my bank account number … Continue reading

Open To Negotiation

By Pinki  Let me bringforth this unfortunate incident and experience of mine with eBay and Paypal, and I swear that you will never ever would like to have any business relation with Paypal in the future. I sold a laptop … Continue reading

Neteller Versus PayPal

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Hi, Thank you for a great work. I’m not currently using PayPal, but I’m using Neteller alot. I’m very satisfied with them and their services are great. I want to know if anyone has experienced … Continue reading

Product Misrepresentation

By Michelle  I foolishly purchased a “hand made in the USA custom made show saddle” on ebay.  The seller claimed it was hand made in USA, hand engraved leather, hand engraved silver, high quality.  The shipping dates were a little … Continue reading

I Plan To Sue PayPal

By Robert Vanderstock I have a similar PayPal nightmare to share.  A few months ago I opened an eBay account and a PayPal account.  Over the last few months I sold many little items and several big items.  All of … Continue reading

Court Against PayPal

By Harold Greetings I have been in court against pay pal for the past year they claim a classmate of mind used pay pal unwanted ly????????  Anybody out there have a situation with the same merit if so please contact … Continue reading

Most Unhelpful People

By Steve Hello, I had a buyer for a large item that I sent to him UPS.  Already within a few days of the auction closing, he was getting really demanding.  I was afraid of risking negative feedback (which i got … Continue reading

PayPal Fraud Victim

By Grant  Hi, I recently became a victim of Paypal’s fraud.. the ‘Account Limited’ fraud of paypal for absolutely No Reason. They claim they did it for MY SAFTEY!! Can you believe them! I tried contacting them through email but … Continue reading

Misery Loves Company

By Amy Well, after reading all the other stories the saying misery loves company comes to mind. I too, was a Power Sellar on eBay when my account suddenly got limited with no way to access my funds. I thought … Continue reading