This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

No Proof Of Delivery

By Gem Having had paypal for over 2 years, I didn’t have many bad experiences until recently. I am a seller on Ebay, and I recently sold an item to a lady in Texas who filed a claim against me … Continue reading

Fraudulant Transaction

By Paul Can anyone please offer me some advice on what my next course of action should be. I have a paypal account linked to my UK bank account and my UK credit card account. I made the the mistake … Continue reading

Prevent PayPal Victims

By Matthew Thanks to this site, I just removed my confirmed paypal bank account and closed my account.I also sent them a pretty nasty email telling them exactly why I closed my account (not that they will even read it). … Continue reading

Thieves Stole My Money

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Hello!! Good Evening !! I applied for a Visa Credit Card from Providian Bank, received it & everything was good. I applied it to my paypal acct, but I had never used it and only … Continue reading

PayPal’s Unethical Ways

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous We have been on Ebay for nearly a year now and have sold quite a bit and have used paypal to receive credit card payments but the other day they froze our account for a … Continue reading

Lost Money From PayPal

By Jeanette Jacobs I have had a store on eBay for a few months and have PayPal as well. I have a cookbook and for a few months was doing really nicely.  I was not making huge sums of money but … Continue reading

PayPal Passes Judgement

By Superick I have had several Gaypal accounts. 99% of them locked. Am i shady?…… a little bit. 100% satisfied customers none the less, but gaypal does its best to pass judgement upon me like everyone else. Their disgusting tactics … Continue reading

Identity Fraud Victim

By Wilma There is no way to contact PayPal.  The following is the Note that I tried to send.  I’m becoming a victim of identity fraud.  What can be done to stop them. I have NEVER had an account with Paypal.  … Continue reading

Where’s PayPal’s Answer

Writer Wishes To Remain Annonymous To whom this may concern, i bought a package deal with record now (sonic) because i lost it with a virus more than 3 months ago, i payed it by paypal,i never recieved  anything and … Continue reading

I Have No Account

By Terra I have received Pay Pal messages and E-Bay messages saying that they froze my account, due to others trying to log into my account. Let me first say: I have no idea what they are talking about! I … Continue reading