This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

PayPal issued refund to buyer after I had all ready done so

Buyer supplied wrong address to send items. Items were returned to me by Australia Post. I refunded the cost of items to buyer $46.50 through paypal, but not the postage. Buyer put a complaint into paypal, as they wanted the … Continue reading

I don’t know why Paypal banned my account permanently.

One day, I login to my email to find a message from Paypal stating: “We routinely review account activity in the PayPal system. When we reviewed your account, we noticed that your activity violates some of the agreements you have … Continue reading

Limitation/verification nightmare with PayPal

Sold a large volume of items and received payments via paypal.  They immediately froze my account and wanted all this information (vendor/supplier info, bank account info, shipping info…etc).  Understandable I suppose.  I provided everything they wanted and the limitation was finally … Continue reading

Rude Customer Service at Paypal

Paylpal customer service SUCKS!  I made a transaction and it showed up on my  bank statement as well as an additional paypal charge of $42.81.  The transaction didn’t show up on my paypal account or with the company I made … Continue reading

Recent Account Frozen

By Richard Head I recently had an account with paypal and it was frozen (for no good reason, but then you knew that!. I waited the six months they ‘require’ and they would still not release the funds unless I, … Continue reading

No Credit Protection

By Andrea Hi: A lady bought and paid for a lamp on Dec. 8th and on the 11th I sent it out via Express Mail. It was going from Canada to the US in the peak Christmas rush. Dec. 12th … Continue reading

Screaming At PayPal

By Elliot Koh So, i have used PayPal for nearly 4 year, no problems… That is until now, where i find myself out of pocket and screaming at PayPal. It seems these people are so unprofessional and careless with peoples … Continue reading

I Didn’t Choose PayPal

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I have been using the net for years but never buy anything.  I want to try e-shopping but feel that I need the services of a 3rd party to protect my credit card information.  If … Continue reading

Hate Being With PayPal

By Rich Valenta WOW, I am a small time web master, and I was looking to start maybe helping people by using some sort of credit card payment options on sites I admin for people.  I was going to check … Continue reading

Customers Are Numbers

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I posted this comment in PayPal’s Developer Forum this evening.  I expect it will be removed.  I did not include a link to your site nor will I from my own site as I believe one … Continue reading