This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Too Late For PayPal

By Scott PayPal waited till it was too late. They wasted time because a thief named Keith Fitzgerald ripped me off for $50.00 from selling him an online gaming account. PayPal drug their feet until day 11 and then they … Continue reading

Unsatisfactory Efforts

By Terry Macmanus I want to tell you of my last unsatisfactory transaction with PayPal. I sold goods on EBay – I have a spotless and long standing record with them. I allowed payment through PayPal – I was paid, … Continue reading

Why Not Notify Me

By Sherry Koyama Hi, I’ve just found out I’m missing $860 from my checking account and PayPal account- and have been throughly frustrated and inconvenienced. Basically it appeared someone hacked my PP account with several unauthorized transactions, taking money out … Continue reading

It Was Nice At First

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Hey.  I am a college student at Clemson University – and here is my paypal story: Being a typical college student, I am constantly searching for money.  I decided one day to start up a small … Continue reading

Reviewing Alternatives

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Hello: I was looking at some of the alternatives to paypal.  I reviewd some of the services and have a few comments. First off is ProPay.  At first the service seemed nice, that is, until … Continue reading

I Won’t Promote PayPal

By Germain I appreciated the info on your site.  I was planning to promote Paypal to more than 500 members of an association.  But I now realise that giving info related to your bank account is a dangerous practice because … Continue reading

PayPal Policy Change

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous I attempted to send you this reply by e-mail, but your system is set up to prevent customers from being able to send e-mail feedback that relates to any topic except those which you have … Continue reading

Charging Dollar Fee

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I’m interested in any sponsership opportunities that might be available..  I own a hosting company and several months ago we were going to integrate PayPal’s IPN system into our shopping cart.  In order to do … Continue reading

Get The Message Out

By Scott After reading some of the “wall of shame” letters, I started to think about alternatives to emails and letters being sent to PayPal about frozen accounts, etc. It seems that most people are getting nowhere with autoresponder messages … Continue reading

PayPal Virus Scam

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Am I the victim of an attempted virus scam? This just landed in my inbox. I don’t have a Paypal account. I didn’t click on the link as they suggested. Is there anything I should … Continue reading