This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Billpoint Was Replaced

By Fred Hackett is a product of eBay.  is free to the buyer and works internationally.  It is backed by Wells Fargo, a FDIC insured bank. (CAUTION:  Ebay is buying Paypal, so we don’t know where the quality of … Continue reading

Why Was It Violated

By Mike Dear Pay Pal I am continually receiving e-mails about my Pay Pal account being violated, my E-Bay account being violated and today a charge to my Pay Pal for $136+ dollars for something. I do not have a … Continue reading

Physically Sick About It

By Katie Pickl PAYPAL HAS FROZEN MY ACCOUNT! My account was frozen Aug.23rd 2005. A customer paid me $646.10 for my item on July 26th 2005. Yesterday I was informed that he has claimed that his account was charged twice … Continue reading

PayPal And Ebay Ripoff

By Carol I had been using Paypal for about 8months with no problems, until i sold something worth a lot of money – I had mostly used it for buying goods, and had sold a couple of small items, but … Continue reading

PayPal LTD San Jose

By Kieran Wilson I HAD been using paypal for about a year and had noticed in my bill that they had been taking about £20 from my account monthly. On my bill the transaction says PAYPAL LTD SAN JOSE. If … Continue reading

Used For Illegal Purpose

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Hello, I have been sent this e-mail…could you please verify this? Our IP sentinel has detected a strange IP using you PayPal account and it might be used for illegal activities.If you could please take … Continue reading

Who Took My Money

By Matt Langer Somebody took 750.00 out of my acct. Paypal says the transaction was done on my computer and will not pursue the matter at all. Nobody has access to my computer and nobody was in my house at … Continue reading

PayPal In The UK

By Phil Paypal in the UK…still the same ripoff merchants they always were…but wait! Paypal in the UK has to be regulated by the F.S.A. ( Financial Standards Authority ) and therefore has to abide by certain rules and regulations, … Continue reading

PayPal Is Not A Bank

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I’ve been an ebay power seller for almost 3 years. I use paypal for thousands of dollars of transactions every month. I have never, ever had a problem with paypal, and they have always had … Continue reading

I Wish PayPal To Stop

By Tony On May 22, 2003 Paypal emailed me and said they thought someone other then myslef was using my social security number, they requested I fax them a current checking account statement, I immediately faxed them what they required … Continue reading