This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Those PayPal Scoundrels

By Anthony On 4/20/03, I made a purchase through Pay Pal for the amount of $200.00. I filed a complaint through Pay Pal after several inquiries as to the non-delivery of my merchandise. Pay Pal’s intitial response was that they … Continue reading

Nightmare Is Unresolved

By Dave Joy Well, heres another one…. went to transfer to my bank account and system said that i was over my limit. Emailed paypal, no response, sent another, finally i got a paragraph that stated account run for the … Continue reading

Can’t Use BillPoint Now

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous billpoint is no longer available it says that paypal is the “preferred method” so you may want to fix your alternative methods page. also..the only reason people use paypal is because it’s free…all other methods … Continue reading

Trying To Con Ministry

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Sonshine International Ministries has not nor do I want a Paypal account. I am the sole controller of this ministry and no one has the right to use or set up a paypal account. I … Continue reading

This Looks Suspicious

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous This looks highly suspicious Bernard Green Proprietor / Consultant Electronic Solutions Subject: Dear PayPal Customer —– Original Message —– From: “Paysecurity” <> To: “> Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2003 6:42 PM Subject: Dear PayPal Customer … Continue reading

Fraud For PayPal Users

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Today gets even stranger, with the addition of another amazingly authentic-looking spam email (this one delivered to the presumed spam box instead of directly, as yesterday’s was).  I cancelled my PayPal account yesterday, for fear … Continue reading

Disproportionate Loss

By Danny Kelk I recently started using paypal following Ebays transfer. I Addedpaypal to 2 items for sale. Both were purchased using PAYPAl. The total amount earned was about #24.00p sterling. When I tried to transfer #20 of the monies … Continue reading

PayPal Triple Charge Risk

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous I have been a paypal person for 3 years. But lately I have noticed small charges on my account. Last month, I had 11 one dollar charges from paypal,just to name a few.I only wonder … Continue reading

Fighting For A Year

By Joseph You guys are great!  Its about time people took a stand and told corporate america that we are people, and not just customer numbers.  Pay Pal ripped me off claiming that I owed them money.  Come to find … Continue reading

Shape Up or Ship Out

By Mike Levesque I would just like to thank you guys. I never knew of any of these issues with paypal before. I am closing my account with them asap as well as the bank account and credit card they … Continue reading