This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

I Say Screw PayPal

By Rick Ripleys I sold a Xbox on ebay thru paypal and the user said she never got. I have a tracking number for the package. She was ripping me off and paypal -650 out of my account so before … Continue reading

PayPal Making Up Fees

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Over the Christmas season I had an incident in which an item I sold was damaged by the courier (FedEx Ground). The item was ruined, and I was waiting until I got the item back, … Continue reading

Can’t Take Money Out

By Ruben I personally have had little trouble with the paypal..  They even just got back $$ from a runaway seller that ripped me off. Once I had to call credit card to get the chargeback. I can get moneyorders … Continue reading

Frozen After ID Verified

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I had been a Paypal Member for about 2 months. I was starting to sell Walmart Gift Cards on Ebay about 30 a week but shipping was to be about 3 weeks of payment receipt … Continue reading

About PayPal Shops

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Hello, Very recently, I decided to start my own dot-com.  I’ve been a member of PayPal for a few years now, and everything seemed to be fine.  So, I decided to accept payments through PayPal … Continue reading

Those Robbing Bastards

By Cliff Marsden I’ve just been charged nearly #9 for transferring a buyers credit card payment to my account…robbing bastards!  I’ll not use them again..from now on it will be cheques ONLY! Sent a strongly worded e-mail to theit centre … Continue reading

PalPay And Collections

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous Hello, I just though I’d let you (and your readers) know about an incident that just happened with PalPay – so hopefully they don’t get caught out as well. I bought an “established website” via … Continue reading

PayPal And Bootleg Items

By Scott My buddy was selling videos transfered from vhs to dvd-r. He has 2900 dollars tied up in paypal. They said his videos could be bootleg. Some of the titles are Van Halen Largo, Jeff Beck 1999. These videos … Continue reading

Should Contact Me First

By Rob Cuomo I 1st started using PayPal in 2001, since I was conducting business on ebay and customers wanted to pay via PayPal.  I had bought a Sony Camcorder at a big discount… it was the top of the … Continue reading

Awaiting Resolution

By Holly I sell mostly through ebay. My first (and last) experience with Paypal involved a chargeback due to a seller who asked me to hold off on shipping out the item due to they were going away on vacation. … Continue reading