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Corrected honest mistake but still banned by paypal

I fix iphones and other small electronic devices as a 2nd job.. i seen my supplier had the new 30 pin to 8pin iphone 5 adapters and decided to sell them on ebay being pretty much my first sold products.. i double checked with the supplier that the adapters supported audio output to which they confirmed.. i advertised as supporting audio and within the 1st 36hrs around 20 units sold which i posted, i then proceeded to double check myself the adapters def supported audio and to my horror they didnt.. i immediately notified the next 20 odd people due to have their adapter posted to which most of them requested a full refund which i did… for the 1s already posted i explained full what had happened and offered a full refund or a part refund to keep the product, i did this for the 1st 4 or 5 people and then decided to fully refund them all and let them keep the adapter for charging purposes for the inconvenience caused… however paypal say they do not allow people to sell products to be sold that have such a high risk or being refunded and i have been permanently banned.. even though it was a genuine mistake by my supplier to which i have emails etc showing i double checked with them and they admited they did not check with the manufacturer.. i am desperate and need an account to purchase items, does not matter about selling to be honest…

Posted: December 7, 2012 at 6:39 pm

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One thought on “Corrected honest mistake but still banned by paypal
  1. Timmy on

    It doesn’t matter if you did the right thing or not to paypal. They’ll screw you anyway and they don’t even need a reason. You are better off buying using a credit or debit card when shopping online. And as far as accepting payments there are so many paypal alternatives available now that it should not be a problem to find something better then paypal