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Craigs list buyers and paypal scam!!!!!!!

I recently listed an ad on Craig’s list, a buyer “Michael Donald” a supposed Deacon of a Church that is disabled< wanted to buy my item. He wants to pay me via pay pal. He “starts the transaction” and adds 7004 to the moneys to be deposited. BUT! he wanted me to pay his shipper “Trans Atlantic carriers” based in NJ. This Item only costs $35.00 to ship FedEx. OH, He texts me there picking up a piano and a car to, so pay them with a western union money gram and keep the extra $100. for my leg work. RED FLAG!!!!!! All And All I didn’t do it but they did send numerous emails that looked legit from PayPal, stating that a hold was on the transaction until western union receipt is marked payed. Does this smell of a scam or is it a way of money laundering??? I hate how technology is frigging hard working people over on trying to sell or trade in this wonderful world. Thanks for listening to me Vent:)

Posted: July 29, 2013 at 7:20 pm

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