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Criminal Shill Bidding

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

That’s nothing! Check out what happened to this guy (a good friend of mine.) My friend was bidding on this item and someone out bid him. (not a problem so far)

But then the “winning” bidder retracted his winning bid! Not once, but twice! Unfortunately my friend’s maximum amount was revealed after the retraction!

After 3 days, EBay investigations found nothing, or “not enough evidence” to do anything about it. This seems to be the perfect crime! In my option, I believe this is called Shill bidding, and this type of criminal activity seems to gaining popularity due to the reluctance of the eBay’s Investigations department. Clearly my friend has no intention of paying, which will probably lead to bad feedback.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:22 am

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