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CUSTOM ORDERS are not covered by Buyer Protection

A customer ordered a custom made fountain pen which is out of production, but was being offered by the manufacturer. He sent me $6200.00, of which I paid manufacturer $5200.00 which was non-refundable. The customer knew this. He filed a complaint he says to protect himself. The pen has not come in yet.
Ebay legal states that CUSTOM ORDERS are not covered by Buyer Protection.
The customer elevated his dispute. One agent told me I was protected. Then I got a threading email from Paypal. When I called again, I was told “custom” means the customer designed the piece, choosing colors, size etc. Not in my business.
This is not stated in their legal ANYWHERE. But what can I do. I can not afford to have $6000.00 frozen I’m paying the guy.

Posted: June 11, 2014 at 6:45 pm

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