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Customer falsely reports item not as described

Customer falsely reports item not as described, I have emails from buyer claiming item in perfect condition, but because he filed his claim with paypal he automatically wins, win no proof! I provided mountains of proof to support my side, including his email saying its perfect he is giving it as a gift. but payal allowed him to file a case and paid him back, with absolutely no proof of damage from him and completely disregarding my evidence such as weight of item, weight of shipment (to prove proper wrapping) his email saying its perfect, they dont care, a representative actually told me that Paypal has a threshold and anything under that is automatically refunded to buyer without review. they give the appearance of review, but there is none, the moment the claim is filed, the buyer is granted refund. Oh, and buy the way, the buyer even wrote that to me in an email, which I produced, showing he knows how to scam the system, they still didn’t care.

Posted: December 28, 2012 at 5:00 pm

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3 thoughts on “Customer falsely reports item not as described
  1. Doug on

    exact thing happened to me, got great feedback and nice emails from the buyer, then 2 weeks later after she had used the item for what she needed it for she filed a dispute and I lost without even getting a chance to submit my proof, which apparently would not have mattered.

  2. FARHA on

    i was selling my iphone 5 i sent the invoice thru paypal and and immediately received the payment. however the buyer said he will arrange for courier as he has its own courier company. All i need to do is to packed the item he also mention that i donot need to write the address as well which I felt a bit odd. However i wrote the address mentioned on the paypal id. apparently the courier guy arrived in and hour time.

    The Buyer continuously called me up to check if the courier guy has arrived.

    As the courier guy came I asked him to confirmed the address. It was not the address mentioned on the paypal Account. I refused to handover the item. Instead I called the buyer and said I am not handling over the item as its not the specified address and i will not be covered by paypal its i send the item its not getting delivered to the address mentioned on ur account. I will use the special delvery of royal mail and post the item to you on the specified address. He immediately bang the phone on my face. And in the next 5 minute i received email from paypal a dispute filed saying the item is not as described and i need to refund the money.

    well i don’t have any problems refunding the money. but i wanted to make paypal aware what the buyer has done. i wrote the whole incident in the resolution section. and in less then 15 min. the case was granted in the favour of buyer.

    i dont understand why paypal only support the buyer and not the seller. It was quiet obvious that the buyer was up to some mischief but paypal don’t see that. Paypal is also soo dump that they cannot see how can an item be delivered to the buyer in an hours time and also are so stupid to accept that the item as described. Paypal is really very stupid and useless taking the side of the buyer only.

  3. claref on

    Almost the exact same thing happened to me. The buyer claimed the parcel turned up in her garden empty but it was sent special delivery and was signed for in the collection office. Paypal only asked the buyer to sign a form and gave her the money despite me having all the evidence against her. The man “jonny’ at paypal was rude and unhelpful and refused to let me make a complaint or speak to anyone else! I am shocked that this company have behaved in such a way!