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The Whole Darn Company is Crooked

By Becca

I run an online website, and I used PayPal through my shopping cart. I figured it was a great way to do online business and not have to have a merchant account. Well that works very well.

The problem I have is with Ebay. Its the same paypal account I use for both, so you would think I could use the money in it to make Ebay purchases.. and for some dumb reason I can’t. I have to add more money to my account then I can make a purchase.

Since Ebay ownes Paypal… maybe its a whole company thing. Because I have found Ebay rips you off on sellers fee’s. I don’t run a whole lot of auctions and after each spur, before I start another campain I ususally pay my fee’s…. then the next day post more auctions. (Imagine the day you pay your seller fee’s and look back an hour later, and find you still owe 10 cents, I know its only ten cents, but if if they do this with all of their sellers. This has also happened to my sister and mother.)

I think the whole darn company is crooked….

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:18 am

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3 thoughts on “The Whole Darn Company is Crooked
  1. Danial Hrominchuk on

    I tried to put $10.00 in my PayPal account and it was taken out Dec.26 and they took another $10.00 from my Bank account on Jan. 2
    and there is no way to see what the balance is in my PayPal account with the current set up they have. I lose $10 just for putting $10.00 into Paypal. in other words $10 became a $20 transaction I didn’t agree to PayPal is a crook!

  2. Walt Blackstock on

    I sold a camera lens on eBay for 2k and the buyer paid through PayPal. I sent it FedEx and tracking showed it delivered to her home. She called eBay said she never received it. eBay froze my PayPal funds and issued the buyer a refund. Buyer never would file a police report and the police would not let me file. I contacted FedEx which was no help. eBay not only issued a refund stating the delivery had no signature even though buyer admitted to being home all day. Since buyer would not file a police report I suspect a scam. The buyer new I had a serial number on the item so she did not want a repot filed. eBay also billed my 200 seller fee and a collection fee from Paypal. All in all I’m out about $2500 and eBay could care less. They encourage scams. The money is second to no police report.

  3. Solita Pugoda on

    Why trust paypal when they don’t even trust you? Renegers. Never paid me, despite drop down dates and so called parameters. LIES. I closed my account. Same with ebay. I’m sick of being manipulated by these monopolizers. I have lost SO much dough and profits to ebay and their best buddy. There are other options, guys!