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To date I have lost $4360.00 using Paypal and eBay

I’m going to try and give the short version. if not i’ll make myself so upset I’ll be useless all day.

Bought a car threw ebay, via a seller. paid 3100.00 seller kept money and car, yes paid with paypal, no help there.

Now this is stupid on my part but I’ve never been all that bright.
month or so later I bought a super charger for 1260.00 I wasn’t going to use paypal so paid with cashier check. seller wont answer his emails ,phone any other method! I sent, ebay email, phone call, because I didn’t use paypal ebay wont do anything. since ebay wouldn’t honor there buyer protection, that is why I didn’t use paypal,does not seem to be any reason to use!
Felt cashier check, via my bank would be better. bank said that after 90 days they could refund money but if he cashes check before that I’m screwed! well I finally figured out I better fire paypal, and ebay before they steel my paints.
they wont let me close my account for 90 days, nothing on my account, in relation to owe money, middle of buyer item, nothing on account, nothing.
well crooks all think alike!
total lost dollar amount is 4360.00

Posted: February 10, 2014 at 7:26 pm

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