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A Day Late And Short

By Laura

Just when you think you are a somewhat intelligent person with a little Internet savvy, some degenerate company like PayPal comes along and slaps you back into reality. God, do I feel stupid.

My horror story is long; I suppose everyone’s is, so please bear with me.

In March, a casual friend I worked with years ago approached me with a proposition. She had a warehouse full of stuff she wanted to sell on eBay but had tried doing it herself before and found it to be overwhelming, so she needed my help. I agreed. The long and the short of it is, I didn’t know that when she had tried before to sell this stuff that she had been shut down by eBay because of a ton of negative feedback. I was wondering why the account we were using was in her husband’s name… (folks -listen to your intuition – learn from me). She started to show me who she was – example – a bidder erroneously paid us twice for their item. I told her I was going to return the person’s duplicate payment and she said “frig them – let them figure it out and ask for it”. That was enough for me. Naturally, I returned the lady’s money and then I made some excuses to my “friend” and severed the relationship. It lasted about a month.

Unfortunately, during the short time I was associated with her, I had put my checking account on her PayPal account so I could “pay” myself. I deleted it when I broke the relationship. It was on there for about a month.

A month after this mess, I find myself unemployed. The dotcom I worked for bombed. So, I contacted a vendor I used to do business with and decided to sell his stuff and mine on eBay. Opened my own account and, of course, opened a PayPal account to expedite transactions. No research whatsoever, just did it for the sake of convenience.

I was “veriifed” every way that PayPal verifies¬† a person – my address, phone number, email address, bank account and credit card were all “verified” by them and I got to “proudly display the PayPal Verified” seal, which I did, along with my eBay “ID Verified” logo and my Square Trade link. You would think they knew who I was at this point.

Everything was going great – sales were picking up and we had 100% positive feedback. Then one morning, I log in to check what’s going on and see “Not a Registered User” next to my name and no items available (when I went to bed, I had 185 active auctions going). Huh?!?

Let the games begin.

It was like pulling teeth to learn what their problem with me was because they do not communicate to you what the issue is, believe it or not — nobody could or would tell me why I was cut off. It was remarkable, really.

(You should also know that I had processed 3 withdrawals  transfers of my money to my bank account which were in process. They cancelled them. Heres another lie they tell  they say that the reason it takes 4 or 5 days to hit your bank account is because of delays at your bank. Lie. I had processed the first withdrawal on the 15th of the month, a Thursday. On Tuesday the 20th, they cancelled it. Go figure.)

I was extremely aggressive with them – after all – I am on the verge of what could be a lucrative little eBay business (the job market sucks, this would be a nice alternative) and so I finally got it out of some robot at PayPal that my problem is that I was once associated with “the friend” and she has gone and screwed people over again (tons of negative feedback and eBay shut her down, again) – all done AFTER I disassociated myself from her. I had done nothing wrong at all, and PayPal even admitted this to me. It’s like a surreal nightmare. You did nothing wrong, but once, for a month, you were affiliated with someone who did all kinds of bad things to people AFTER you left. What the hell…?!?!?

I faxed and faxed again all the personal, intrusive documents they requested. Remember  I was already verified in every way possible. I called and called. I left a message for a supervisor who called me back yesterday. You’re going to love this.

We went over the whole story – he tells me that they are now satisfied that I am who I said I am (thanks so much – you now know as much about me as my husband does) but that, so sorry, you still can’t have your money. The friend thing. I remind him that I have an email from their “resolution” (joke) department telling me that PayPal realizes that I was not associated with her when she “went bad”. Oh – ok – he says, right, we realize that.

OK – give me my money.

No, so sorry, we can’t do that. See, our position is that we believe you are still associated with her in some way and that you have the potential to do these same bad things. I implore this jerk to dig deep and try to find some common sense. Will notarized letters from both of us explaining that we dont even talk anymore satisfy them? My word, sworn and subscribed – I thought that was a good solution. No, so sorry, not good enough.

The frustration is palpable. It’s almost impossible to have an intelligent conversation with these people – they must be instructed to withhold information from you and to say as little as possible in an effort to hold your money hostage for as long as possible. They certainly didnt help me try to resolve this at all  it was uphill with 1000 pound weights on my back the whole way. It was like trying to reason with people who speak another language.

I say, OK, you tell me what I need to do. Even you must see that this doesn’t make any sense – lay it on me. What do I have to do? Finally, he says – very quietly – “Well, we don’t want to do business with you anymore”. I found that hysterical — THEY don’t want to do business with ME? Holy crap, is that a joke. I say  cool, thats easy – close my account immediately. Send me a check. You will never hear from me again. I will also close the eBay account. Poof.

No, so sorry, I can’t do that – have to appeal to yet another department for the final word on this. OK – I’m done dancing now. I tell this “supervisor” very nicely (I never raised my voice once, strangely enough) that I have already filed a complaint on them with the FBI and that, particularly since I am unemployed and have nothing but time, I am prepared to sue them or go to arbitration – whatever legal remedy is available to me – immediately. I asked him if he would help me to the extent that he “can” by putting some intelligible notes on my account and follow-up. He said he would. So again I waited to hear from them.

Big surprise  I had to call THEM. Found out the supervisor said one thing to me and noted other things on my account. I am furious. The newest story is that after 6 months of inactivity on this account, I can have the money. Who the hell do these people think they are? I have contacted Jacoby & Myers.

Alas, no resolution. Yet. But I wanted to submit this and maybe help one other person avoid what I have been through. Thank you so very much for this forum. I deeply regret I didnt find you BEFORE I signed up.

I have a link to you on my little website I told every one of my customers about you, and will continue to tell anyone who will listen.

Thank you.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 12:15 pm

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One thought on “A Day Late And Short
  1. Johnny Louisa on

    WOW! I hope you get through to paypal in one form or another. I was using paypal for years before they dicked me over. I cant stand them. I honestly dont know how they sleep at night. I went from having a lucrative side business (making $2,200 per month) to being in debted to them somehow. I clicked on your link but it doesnt work, I would love to check it out :)