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I am not dealing with the 21 day hold

Everything started out great with PayPal. My pay pal fund were available immediately after deposit from buyer. Then, because my sales went from $1000.00 down to $53.00 for the next month paypal decided to put a hold on my funds for 21 days! My $53.00 cannot be accessed until the end of June. Every business has it ups and downs and a busy season and a slow season. But this goes right over Paypal’s head. Zero comprende over there at headquarters. I emailed them 5 times, I get the run around. I just spent 1 hour on the phone with paypal, they just sent me 4 different people who said the same thing, My sales changed from $1000.00 down to $53.00. No shit Sherlock I am aware of that! Tell me something I don’t know and how you are going to help me. My seller rating are a low of 4.5 up to 4.8. I’m very frustrated. This is a stupid reason they are giving me for holding my funds for 21 days! I am not going to risk making money just so PayPal can hold it. I am taking my business elsewhere and PayPal can kiss my ass.

Posted: June 15, 2012 at 2:57 pm

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2 thoughts on “I am not dealing with the 21 day hold
  1. Nigel on

    Who, over at paypal came up with the 21 day hold? It is the dumbest thing ever. Paypal was working just fine before they started holding peoples money. Any one that has been with paypal for over 10 years, like I have, can attest to the fact that paypal didn’t use to be this bad. There was a time when you could use paypal hassle free but those days are long gone. When Paypal informed me last week that they are going to start holding my money for 21 days (after 10+ years) I closed my account.

  2. Scottie on

    I would love to know who comes up with these rules over there. Paypal is a horrible company and treat their customer horribly. Obviously buisness fluctuates monthly for everyone. They as a business should know this. I closed my account 2 months ago because they gave me the same BS excuses they are giving you! I went with another company. So far so good!