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Debt collector sent after me by payPal

Hello ! I am from Romania and in the late summer of 2011 I sold a 2400 $ product with paypal and after I got the money I spent them all. I send the item but I don’t realize I had to send the tracking number, so I waited the product to reach that buyer. That buyer made a complain that the product never got to it and my account was credited -2400 $ so I got upset and closed it after reading on the internet I can’t win the complain. So I got some years email from paypal, but some days ago a Romanian debt collector firm called me and told me I will be sue for this situation and they scared me very bad. Please help me with some advice because I didn’t knew that they can come after me with a Romanian debt collector. How to deal with them ? Thank you very much !

Posted: June 3, 2014 at 6:37 pm

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One thought on “Debt collector sent after me by payPal
  1. Jack on

    Do not give them nothing, they ask u to pay all ammount u owe after that if u not accept later will make u an offer to pay less or half.. but each country has different rules when we talk about protecting ppl so if the collectors scare u tell them each time u can not give them nothing and if the ammount is high and they call u in court your lawyers can protect you and lawyers can increase the process timing