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Decided to dropship and got screwed by Paypal

I have used paypal for years sending money with no issues. I decided to make some extra money and spent some money on dropshipping websites, and ended up making a few hundred dollars in a couple days. This meant a few thousand dollars flowing through my paypal account. Within a couple days they limited my account for “unusual activity”. When I explained to them my business dealings, and sent them my invoices they replied that there was excessive risk involved, and they would like to begin parting ways. NOW I have over 50 ebay items waiting to be dropshipped, and I cannot access the nearly 3000 in my account, and they said it will be 180 days before they will release any of this money. My ebay account will be ruined, and hours of work on my end are fruitless. However paypal will be making interest on MY money. needless to say I am more than frustrated with paypal.

Posted: December 5, 2012 at 5:10 pm

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2 thoughts on “Decided to dropship and got screwed by Paypal
  1. Max on

    Get a ebay compatible merchant account and tell paypal to go f&^k themselves, you don’t need paypal to sell on ebay and with a merchant account you get the money way faster and directly in your bank account.

  2. Andrew on

    similar case withi mine. i have been an ebay seller for a long time. Last week, paypal sent me an email to let me know my account was banned permanently because of suspicious activity or items that were not authentic and listed in my website. They would not give me any explanations or proof nor they would accept to deal with me or let me appeal. Banned, we dont want to do business with you anymore.

    As a result of this, my business is ruin, my life is destroyed, i ended up with over 20k in debt used to purchase my inventory to pay back.

    I don’t understand how these scam artists stay in business and how long will the authorities let them victimize and take advantage of people like us that try to make their living.

    A response to Max – i wish your said was true but unfortunately ebay through their evil tactic brainwashed their buyers to only use paypal for their on ebay transactions. The ultimate goal of ebay + paypal is to maximize their profit, making buyers think that paypal is safe and their information is secured. Totally misleading