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Denying PayPal Access

By Ruth

Hi, I’m new to eBay and PayPal.  I felt a little uneasy using either, but I have found most eBay sellers are honest, and I have had wonderful business transactions.  I was using PayPal with my Credit to make purchases (I didn’t notice them giving a $2k limit).  One seller I did numerous transactions with did not allow Credit Transactions, so I signed up for a PayPal Balance to use to send her money more quickly. [This was my idea, the seller never requested I do it]. Right from the beginning I felt uneasy about how they kept wanting me to use the e-checks (before the bank transfer occurred).  [I always opted to use my Credit Card]. Their help questions said that if I did not want to use the PayPal Balance (which is very small, thankfully),I could use my credit card.  Since I transferred money, they deny me using my credit card.  I called them & was told that I could not use a Cr. card because of the bank account.  No prolem!!  I immediately cancelled the bank account & called them to reinstate my Cr.Card, as my alternate payment option. 

Now I am told that they will not do that until the PayPal Balance is $0.00. (Again this is not what is stated in their online help section).  No problem!!  I really don’t want to deal with them, they just seemed to eager to get their grubby little hands in my Bank Account; pressing me to sign up for their Money Market Account or a Charge card from them (both of these require a SSN).   No way Jose, I may be a senior but I am not brain dead!  Thanks to fine websites (like yours), I WILL BE CALLING MY BANK AND FORMERLY DENYING PAYPAL ACCESS (just in case they pretend that they didn’t get my bank account cancellation). I will use the rest of my balance on the items I really want, and then I will go back to paying my favorite seller with Money Orders.  I have throughly researched the product I am buying and have found many alternative selling sites for the product with good pricing.  I will probably just start buying from them, using an especially created Credit Card number that my cr. card of choice makes available. 

I feel sorry for all the good sellers on eBay who are going to be punished by eBay’s/PayPal’s greed.  I know I will find the Money Order routine to much of a bother after awhile, so I will just stop using eBay. Gee, that is ashame because I enjoyed it so much, but now I think it is to unsafe to use.  I will eliminate by PayPal account altogether.  I will have no need to buy that Sentry Auction Program that I have been using.  That is also ashame because it is an excellent program, but if I’m not buying on eBay I just will not need it.  Maybe eBay will see that their greedy actions affect a great number of people.  I enjoyed my eBay transactions, so much I even changed my email signature to my niece, from AR (Aunt Ruthie) to EAR (Ebaying Aunt Ruthie).  It was my 13-year-old grandnewphew who turned me on the Sentry Auction program.  On well, sadly, I will have to consider my 3 week eBay experience as a Mid-Summer’s dream.  Fall is coming, so I’ll just move on to other projects.  Sorry I can not bring my self to deal with cheats–PayPal, or their owners-eBay!! 

Thanks for showing me the light and maybe I’ll try again in a couple years, when the internet gets a better control on the scammers.  AR, formely EAR  PS: Oh well, the fall golfing season starts back up next month.  Thanks for listening to my little story and I hope only good things happen to all those poor people who trusted eBay/PayPal!!!

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 1:33 pm

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One thought on “Denying PayPal Access
  1. any on

    Paypal are just greedy, i opened a new account and as long as i transfered some money there, they limited it, and they say i must prove some stuffs so that they bring back my account, i wonder why they didn’t tell me that till I transfered some money