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Very difficult to run a business with ebay and paypal

First my account was limited for no apparent reason- I had many auctions finishing and lots to pay for and also to post. I finally got this sorted after a week or so (again, no rational explanation for the limitation- they cited ‘a security issue’. Once this was sorted out I had to issue a partial refund to a customer, that now won’t clear despite both our accounts being apparently fully functional. I have repeatedly tried to call Paypal but their call back service is not working and their number is coming up as ‘unrecognized’. A few days ago Ebay was also down or on limited functionality and I lost a day when my parcels should have gone out but I was unable to access postal info from either Ebay or Paypal. It is hard enough trying to make a living this way without all these extra obstacles being thrown up nearly every day.

Posted: November 12, 2014 at 7:11 pm

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