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Disgusted With PayPal

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

In Dec 2004 I sold items on Ebay to a seemingly noice lady who bought a dinner service from. I sent the items through staples using DSL and the items were tracked. However the lady in question claimed she had NOT recieved the items and complained to Paypal who emailed me asking me to prove delivery so I asked them to check DSL`s website and the tracking number.They however claimed the number was NOT valid and therefore refunded her the £140 she had paid and blocked my account saying I owed them that money.

I could NOT trade on Ebay because of the awful feedback she left & because my Paypal account was blocked. I repeatedly gave in emails the tracking number I even got a copy by fax of the tracking details in writing from DSL and it transpired that Paypal were looking on the wrong pages of DSL`S web site & that`s why the tracking number wasn`t recognised. So how many others have the same thing ?????

It is now July 2005 & my account is still blocked although I have been told eleven times my account has been credited with the £140 & Paypal are supposedly sorry for the error I cannot use my account or Ebay. I now have letters from their debt management Co chasing me so I have had to forward copies of the emails. I am discusted with Paypal & their treatment of me.

Also how many other people do this on Ebay knowing that Paypal act so swiftly especially if Paypal are looking at out of date web pages for DSL that do NOT show tracking info or maybe thats why Paypal do it ? I only found out having checked the web address with DSL or I would never of known.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:22 pm

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