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Truly disgusting customer service department over at Paypal

As a web developer I have set up a booking system that allows hotels to accept there own booking rather than pay a commission to a booking agency. I used paypal to receive payments and stupidly without realizing attached paypal account to the company trust account which handles all banking and tax related issues for the motel. This was the biggest mistake i have ever made as a web developer and one that will never happen again. the heartache of unknowingly attaching a trust account suddenly gave paypal an excuse to hold funds indefinitely whilst making me jump through hundreds of hoops to satisfy the non sensible requests relating to trust account. First they need this then that then the other meanwhile the account can’t operate and the funds are held without interest indefinitely. 9 months later there is still no resolution despite sending everything they have asked for except the last request because by now it is getting expensive to continue down this path.
The accountant has sent me a $1000 bill for accessing the requested files, there has been over 100 man hours invested in follow up and still we are no closer to resolution. I have told them I will take legal action and intend to apply for compensation for all the man hours required to suit there pitiful demands and we are back to waiting for a response. What a truly disgusting customer service department they have , they contribute to the time wasted with wrong information on what is needed , long queues on the phone (over an hour on several occasions) and there I couldn’t give a flying f**k attitude. Cow tailing to there patheticness I even opened up a saving account unrelated to the business and attached that. because my account was limited previously the new account won’t work either
meaning another dead end and further wasted time and expense, when paypal get you in a compromised position they bend you over and screw you hard, they have absolutely zero respect for the customer and for customer rights. They have done nothing to help and have no intention of using common sense.
The worst company by far i have ever dealt with and now they have my money we are tied at the hip till they release it.

Posted: May 10, 2013 at 3:51 pm

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