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Dispute filed after account was closed

Good morning,
I write from Italy. I sold 1 musical item to a person, shipping it in Japan, transaction made OUTSIDE EBAY. He paid 830 euros for that. I shipped it and transferred my money from paypal to my credit card and then I withdraw the money in cash. The credit card was a pre-paid one (visa electron) and now it’s expired. Doesn’t exist anymore. Finally I close my paypal account because I was with a 0 balance and I had no claims/disputes opened. All right, paypal closed my account without any issue.
After some days the buyer opened a dispute for “unreceived item”, and paypal wrote an email to me giving me a balance of -830 euros, ALSO IF MY ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED WITHOUT CLAIMS/DISPUTES. I’ve not the account anymore! I think the buyer is trying to fraud me. I’ve got the proof of shipping (receipt) but my account is closed and I can’t contact them about that specific dispute. There’s not the number of PP or dispute because my account is closed and I can’t re-open it. My balance was 0 and the temporary credit card doesn’t exist anymore, paypal can’t take money for now. Finally, the transaction was made OUTSIDE EBAY. My question is: what are my rights? if the buyer win the dispute and I can’t show my receipt (I don’t know WHERE to upload the digital scan of the shipping receipt), will paypal ask and stalk me for the money? they don’t answer to my email, where and to whom do I need to write? how can I re-open my account in order to see the dispute-number and upload the receipt picture?

Posted: September 26, 2012 at 5:00 pm

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4 thoughts on “Dispute filed after account was closed
  1. Noah on

    If paypal allowed you to close your account and someone filed the dispute after the fact you are not responsible. Do not try to reopen your account. This is not your problem YOu have done everything correct and since you are not planning on using paypal again the negative balance does not affect you and does not count. YOu can’t apply a negative balance to an account that does not exist.

  2. bigwas on

    Paypal dispute resolution is a very clever way for us buyer to claim against a seller who do not deliver what it promises in its website. Taking Lazada philippines for example. My order is almost 45 days now and no delivery has been made as of yet, its courier 2go is even worst, it delivers item at snails pace. Dispute resolution is a nice way for this irresponsible companies to pay for their negligence and lack of concern for their customers.

  3. Muhammad Zahid Ali on

    Hello there,

    I have closed my paypal account few days ago. Today Someone request me to refund the money please let me know as i dont have any account with paypal now how can i refund even i have provided my services in the past to the client who is requesting refund now….

    Please help me by answering my question.


  4. Marcos on

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    After some time the buyer will open a dispute on PayPal to have not received the item,
    there you will shortly receive a buyer’s message through PayPal to claim a refund of money.

    So you just have to find a good excuse, and respond that you will ship the item the next day if the buyer end the dispute on PayPal. If he does, already won.
    The money is in your account with the PayPal guarantee that you will not have any problem because the case is closed and can not be reopened,
    and your data is protected.

    I can assure that works 100% because I’ve been a victim of this system.