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Dispute process is totally flawed

Seller advertised items for sale on Craigslist. Price was agreed including shipping and payment via Paypal. After payment seller insisted on additional funds threatening to hold items. Buyer refused and requested cancellation of order. Seller refused to refund and never provided shipment tracking. Dispute filed with Paypal by buyer, additional written correspondence between seller and buyer was submitted to Paypal clearly showing shipment location was confirmed before quote and payment. Additionally seller became threatening and obscene sending emails, voicemails and texts to buyer in attempt to coerce him. Seller supplied false info to Paypal in dispute and force “claim” preventing buyer from submitting further info. Buyer called Paypal, waited 1 hr to speak with rep and submitted factual data on the phone and via clearly showing seller’s info was false, that he conducted himself in a threatening and obscene manner, and that all buyer’
s facts were 100% accurate. Shockingly, Paypal ruled in favor of creepy stalking seller under guise of “seller provided (them) with shipping confirmation number”. Package also was not received by buyer. Buyer submitted additional complaint to Paypal for reinforcing a bad actor’s behavior and not providing a fair resolution possibly due to the fact they have a financial interest in completing the transaction (or that the reviewer is a complete idiot).

Posted: January 14, 2013 at 5:38 pm

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