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Don’t Deal With PayPal

By Mike

“PayPal” – What a misnomer!!! I’ve been on eBay for almost 10 years, with a 99.5% approval rating. PayPal has twice frozen, they call it limiting, my account for what they call “my protection”, i.e., I can have funds deposited into my account, but can not withdraw any. The reason they do so is a changing story each time, but always starts with “some unauthorized person has tried to access your account”. So, why is it I can not take out MY money and have it deposited into MY bank account, which has been perfectly acceptable until then.

The first time, I had to close my bank account and cancell the Credit Card on record with them, because my Credit Card company agreed that I should not have to pay for a misrepresented item [I was buyer and my card company provided buyer insurance] I had purchased on eBay. PayPal immediately notified me that “some unauthorized person had attempted to access my account” and it was now limited [you can pay in, but no pay out]. What my credit card had to say about PayPal and their monthly dealings with them, should have convinced me to never go back to them.

However, [yes I'm that DUMB] I had a large ticket item on eBay that would bring more if I accepted Credit Cards. So, I opened another account with just a bank account for the funds to be transfered to and did not give them a Credit Card. Well [you can see it coming can't you], after I had been paid a couple of smaller amounts and had successfully transfered them to my bank, I received notice from PayPal the some unknown ‘unauthorized’ person had tried to ‘access’ my PayPal account [do they have any type of security??? This is the second time!], but I can restore my account by my giving them a Credit Card so they can ‘varify’ my identity! ???? THAT STUPID I’M NOT!

It is going to cost me about $1K for this “learning” experience, but my attorney advises that the loss will be less than trying to collect it, and eBay/PayPal has such a complex legal structure, that it is almost impossible to know who the real ‘Operating Officers’ are, therefore you can not have them arrested for theft [Federal Grand Theft in this case]. Here is YOUR WARNING – Don’t Deal With PayPal.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:46 pm

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