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Double charged for refund

I have money due me as a seller which PayPal has not paid me yet. I also was charged twice for a refund i agreed to pay to an unhappy buyer. This refund was charged twice, once to my paypal account and again from my personal checking account. The wait times on the phone for customer service are excessive and they bounce you around until you just get POed off and hang up. All told i am out 518.65 and waiting for Ebay to settle up. I have called numerous times and all i get is the run around every time. I am going to complain to the FCC, the local Attorney general and the local Consumers Affairs for their location. I am also considering bring a law suit against them as well. So far I am out $518.65. ebay and Paypal both part of Ebay is a illegal monopoly and this is unfair business practice. Ebay’s seller fees are way too high.

When this is settled i don’t intend to do business with Ebay or PayPal ever again!

Posted: August 27, 2014 at 4:40 pm

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