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Double charged for seller’s fees.

In October of this year I sold two items on Ebay for $355.00 net, with shipping a total of $383.91. I paid for the shipping at my post office. October 23, Paypal issued me a check for $315.72.
November 16, Paypal deducted $39.60 seller fee, from my credit card, stating only that it was a payment agreement with Ebay. This is a double charge of seller fees. Over the past several days I have been in contact with both Ebay and Paypal, but they each refer me to the other back and forth. No resolution.
It seems that the customer service representatives are reading from script pages. Also, I have referred the matter to VISA to see if they can resolve the problem. I would not resort to contacting the Federal Trade Commission, except that it seems that a number of their customers are having this problem, which could conceivably be in the millions of dollars of undue profit for Ebay and Paypal. PayPal needs to be stopped in their scamming ways.

Posted: December 8, 2015 at 7:57 pm

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2 thoughts on “Double charged for seller’s fees.
  1. gmckee on

    I was scammed on Ebay as. They took commission from an item two times even though I never sold it. They took $260 from my account in October 2016. I have been disputing it with my bank and to no avail. Do not use Ebay not matter what. They have become an untrustworthy company. They will steal $ right out of your account even if you do not sell a thing. I will continue to fight this, but I know they are hoping I will give up.

  2. Sue on

    Actually PP sent you a check for the sales less their fees which are legit. PP and Ebay have two separate fees. One for sellers fees for listings and such and then PP for their 3.75 percent or whatever percentage for using their payment services. Those numbers actually look right