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Double standards with ebay and paypal

Ebay, Kijiji and PayPal are own and operated by the same online corporation entity. They don’t have a physical address nor do they have a physical phone number. Unfortunately there are no competitors with this cyberspace corporation. We had little options except to go to these websites and placed our hard earned income in their care. They charge an outrageous fee of 28.8 percent compound interest on all outstanding accounts to both sellers and buyers. This is equivalent to over 460 percent per year. Since they are not regulated they are not governed by rules and regulations of the banks or answerable to any governing bodies. We need an alternative to these legal robbers. If you want a choice that will beat them at their own game. With enough support we will slay these monsters and we will create an entity we can truly call our own.

Posted: September 13, 2012 at 5:04 pm

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2 thoughts on “Double standards with ebay and paypal
  1. maggie on

    Oh…evetytime I hear or read the name paypal it makes my blood boil. Paypal took over $3500 of my money that I had made on sales with all happy buyers who had received their merchandise and returned the money to all of them despite them all ready having the product. I know this is against many laws but somehow paypal is allowed to do this. It’s stealing from me. my product and money. I had to move because I couldn’t cover my rent and now my son and I are forced to mooch of my sister until I can get back on my feet again.

  2. Michael on

    It is amazing how a merchant service gets away with the things that PayPal does it is a complete scam and monopoly! I wish the gov would shut them DOWN!