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E-bay Purchase gone very wrong

I made a purchase on E-Bay (through Pay Pal) a while ago, from a Billiards Place (in Indiana) for a pair of Billiard “Spectator Chairs” for $749.99 They came in two boxes on a palate (free shipping). When I received them I assembled one chair and it was Ok. In a week or so, I started assembling the other chair and found that it had two LEFT sides. I attempted to resolve the problem through the seller and a guy answered my complaint by saying he would get them to send me the correct part. They sent a right side alright, but it was black not cordovan and damaged too. Nate tried three or four times to get me the right part, but they kept sending the wrong color or even the left side again. Finally I spoke to Pay Pal to resolve it, I suggested that they refund 1/2 of the purchase price and an additional $125 that I was overcharged by the seller. They told me to send it all back for a full refund of $874.99 plus shipping and handling. That sounded stupid, but at least a resolution. Then when I subsequently spoke to a Pay Pal Rep (Wendy), she suggested that she would ask the seller to refund as I above suggested and Not for me to return anything until I heard from her. I then get an email telling me my Pay Pal Dispute is closed, due to my not returning the merchandise as instructed. I contact Pay Pal again and explain the situation. They agree to re-open my dispute and offer me the same refund if I provide the shipping receipt information for tracking. I took the chairs to the local UPS store to send them back (actually to Premium Holding LLc in Lubock. TX) because that is where I was instructed to send them by PP. I proceed to send the chairs back just like they were (1-assembled and 1-almost assembled), so the seller would immediately be able to see why the deal went South. The shipping was over $1,100.00 but PP said they would refund that as well. When I came back to my office and call PP to give them the shipping receipt information, they informed me that they meant the shipping when I received the merchandise not the return shipping. Thus, I would be paying for that. So, I immediately went back to UPS and told them I would have to break the chairs down to be shipped in boxes. They were helpful, but charged me for the additional packing they had already done. The new total for sending to TX was just over $570. When the boxes were shipped, they were attempted to be delivered to the residential address given by PP three times, and returned to the original UPS store (yet to be dis-positioned). Pay Pal sent me an email telling me the case was closed, because I failed to deliver the goods. When I got a Supervisor on the phone (after two Reps) he agreed with me that it was not my fault that the stuff was not returned, but said they won’t refund the money unless it is. He said if I filed a claim with my credit card company, they will provide the information and it will probably be resolved in my favor. What a way to claim that you warrant purchases. I guess like other warranties, it is only as good as the company that offers it and Pay “Pal” is really an accomplice to fraud.

Posted: August 14, 2013 at 6:05 pm

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