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It’s just too easy to get screwed with chargebacks

Ebayer bought my item. Didn’t want it so filed a credit card charge back. Paypal told me I’d win because my listing clearly stated the item. As time progressed (you have to wait 75 days) he never returned my item. Well after 75 days I lost the charge back and didn’t get back my item. Never fail though! Paypal told me they were automatically fighting again because this was a “ridiculous outcome.” Well 45 days later I just found out I lost a second time. Paypal won’t fight the credit card charge back again. Oh yeah did I mention the item was $1200! Paypal now won’t help me regarding the matter and urged me to seek legal council. The guy got his money back and has my property. I think at this point if you sell ANYTHING on ebay over a hundred bucks you might as well be in vegas betting on black. It’s just too easy to get screwed. I was told again and again I had nothing to worry about. I was told the buyer could no longer use paypal. Well I looked and he has a hundred plus listings up. Ebay has gone to far!

P.S. I did hire an attorney and I am going after the guy…

Posted: January 7, 2013 at 5:54 pm

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