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Ebay complaint through resolution centre

I am sure this has been said before, but am now in a bit of a battle with customer services. I will not bore everyone with the specifics (there are many pages of those), however I sold a phone for spares which was defective. The symptoms were explained extremely clearly in the description.

A case was raised against me for an additional symptom one that was connected to the one I posted in the description that I was unaware of, however was, in my mind, directly connected (I stated the SIM was not being recognised, but 1 reboot of the phone in 50 odd would see the SIM, the buyer stated the IMEI code was missing from the phones firmware).

After much to-ing and fro-ing of emails, I raised the issue for a resolution as my paypal icon account was in debt and I could not pull down my funds for my other sold items.

Ebay found in favour for the buyer for a reason that was not even mentioned in any of the case notes by either myself of the buyer (and I quote “The IMEI sticker was removed from the phone”).

This is not the case, I even have a photo of the sticker on the phone before I sent it off, this has been supplied to customer services.

After many more emails between myself and Ebay they still insist this is the “fairiest” solution. I am now winding down my ebay activity, there are other places to buy and sell stuff, the good news is that I seem to be making more, selling for less but not getting hit for commission so in my mind its Ebays loss.

I am not sure what is going to happen next, I have asked for new cards and stopped direct debits so Ebay cannot take any more of my money and written a letter to their complaints department. I am considering taking them to the small claims court as I am definitely out of pocket by about £100 for a decision that I cannot appeal and is simply ignored.

There, vented my spleen, advice to anyone else who Ebay ignore then vote with your feet!!!

Before I get trolled by buyers who have been stung by buying mis-described goods, I had 2 last lots I have sold which I cannot get to the funds for, there were only a few quid and I have sent those off today as its not those buyers fault so am even more out of pocket. I have 100% feedback of around 310 odd and have sold broken phones and laptops before with some very happy customers who love rubbing it in that they got something working, I am not a techy so just get shot of the stuff.

Posted: July 25, 2013 at 6:39 pm

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One thought on “Ebay complaint through resolution centre
  1. Glynis Nolan on

    Hi there I to have just been stung by Ebay .I sold a beautifull dress New with tags and spare jewels attached that I bought for £149 at the House of Frazer. The buyer got it for £20 I took lots of pics for any buyer to see .The buyer asked could you post it First class in stead of second as I want it for my daughters wedding in a few days time so I posted it first class without any extra charge .I wrapped the dress in lots of tissue so as not to get damaged in the post .Two days later i received a message to say the dress has lots of faults but she can’t get them to show in any pics .The fact simply is on receiving the dress it probably didn’t fit or she didn’t like it . The decision went against me and I have to refund it is so unfair the dress was perfect .Ebay do NOT. protect honest sellers so what is the point of having a no refunds policy .I am going to wind down my account and sell elsewhere.