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eBay Customer Nightmare

eBay Customer Nightmare

I recently sold 2 shawls on ebay to a lady in California. My auction clearly stated it would take 7 business days for delivery. She emailed me 2 days after the 7 business days were up and asked where her package was. Unfortuantely I gave her a discount on the shipping and shipped first class with no delivery confirmation number and she did not purchase the insurance either.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt that she indeed did not receive her items I sent her out another 2 shawls and a free poncho and pin for her inconvenience.This time I mailed it priority mail with a delivery confirmation number and insurance.Priority mail is usually delivered in 2-3 business days but not a guarenteed service.Customer emailed me 6 days later and accused me of lying about sending out the second package.

She claims she called USPS and they told her that the package was never scanned in therefore it was never shipped. When you print click n ship labels and pre pay for them online the USPS postal servive will not scan your packages in so you will not find out anything until the package is actually delivered to the destination. Anyways,I emailed the customer my copy of the online record label plus a postal receipt with the extra postage I had to pay because my scale does not weigh ounces and I owed more postage.

The delivery confirmation number was also on the receipt. The customer notified Paypal and her credit card company and told them that I was a liar and never mailed her the merchandise nor did she beleive I ever had the merchandise to sell to begin with.I received an email shortly after from paypal stating they had put a hold on the funds which is $135.91.Customer emailed me 15 minutes later and told me that she received her package it had been left with a neighbor. She contacted paypal and had the complaint removed.

Problem is that she paid with a credit card through paypal and her credit card reversed the charges back to her credit card.Paypal told customer that she had to sign an affidavid so her credit card would put the funds back into my account.So now this customer has her merchandise and I am without her payment. I then filed a non paying bidder alert with ebay and it is in dispute now. Customer repeatably says I am a liar and never sent the first package which is amazing that all of my other customers who bought the same shawl received theirs and left me positive feedback along with the 100% feedback I have earned.

I then turned the tables on her because I did not appreciate her accusations and told her how do I know that the first package never showed up and she was just trying to get free merchandise which I now really think that is what she did. Then when she found out the delivery confirmation number was in the USPS online tracking she then knew she could not get away with it.Bottom line, customer refuses to sign affidavid and now I have to wait up to a month to get my money from paypal.

I am now going to have to file a police report against this customer.EBAY SELLERS BEWARE never send out anything without a delivery confirmation number and do not leave allot of money in your paypal account. Be sure to have 2 bank accounts so that when you transfer money from your paypal account to your bank account, you can then transfer the funds to your other bank account so no one can put a freeze on your funds.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:22 am

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One thought on “eBay Customer Nightmare
  1. Barry on

    Paypal and Ebay of in each others pocket. They don’t investigate problems, as soon a complaint comes in they simply take the money back via Paypal. Paypal because they are in the pocket of Ebay allow this to go on.

    Bay have no proper method of contact, and so igore any complaints. The whole eBay web site is rigged to make it a nightmare to complain when they have taken your money. Its basically rigged one way to ensure you eventually get fed up then give up, and so loose your money. Best bet is not to sell anything on Ebay.