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eBay decided in my favor but PayPal took my money.

I had a fraudulent item not as described case against me, I had several emails to show I was in the right but ebay apparently didn’t even look into the case and sided the buyer, however he never returned the item or provided tracking for the return by ebays deadline so the case was decided in my favor, I have the email from ebay saying this.

However, after that they changed their mind and debited my paypal account for the amount and gave it to the buyer. he did finally return the item after ebays deadline and in expired unusable condition (it was not expired when I sent it and he was made well aware the exp date was approaching and wanted it anyway even though I told him to let me know before expiration if he doesn’t want it so I can refund him and use it myself, he waited till months later till it was too late)

Can they change their mind after making a decision on the case like this and take the money later? I have gotten nowhere with customer service and my acct is suspended because I refuse to pay the fees they still charged me for the transaction when he basically stole the money.

Posted: October 27, 2014 at 6:40 pm

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