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Ebay took (“ESSENTIALLY”) my life, family, ANY fun and my business

Ebay took(“ESSENTIALLY”) my life, family, ANY fun, my business, + THE WORST MY SELF ESTEEM CONFIDENCE OF DIGNIFIED PRIDE ON ANY LEVEL!!” I did feel meaning once I achieved finally 100% my buisness. The Proud feelibng I carried inside myself, due to so many UNKNOWN HRS working & way many count + insane hours of frustration All alone, w/no-help or guideance, or even a maual guide, also fake customer service 24 hr phone line? Should u need a question, or get stuck? “Now really that’s a FU##N joke an any retrospect!) NO ONE AT ALL EVER-ALONE ALWAYS! WAITING ON AN EMAIL/THEY SAY IT COULD BE APPROX 7-14 DAYS DAYS FOR RESPONSES! WELL OK TRY NEVER, AND N-E WAYS DAYS AND DAYS LATER, IF I WAS STILL STUCK SITTING WAITING & NEEDING MY ANSWER ID BE HOMELESS IN NO TIME!
So all them days+nights time dedicated hard work W/patience, THEN FINALLY after achieving my own successful business and actually it was just starting to take off-where I could finally start paying my pay-pal loans back for product’s + bills ect!
Bottom line-I did 0% WRONG DOINGS! YET 1 day I find my STORE, all LISTINGS, all my ADDS-all my hard work just taken down and away, w/no reasoning to explain either!?? Really just there FALSE MSG stating I should soon receive some mystery email about who-knows idk-nonesense, because Nothing came to be recieved. YES I DID SIT AND WAIT + OH YES TOO I CHECKED ALL SPAM MAIL ADDED TO CONTACTS AND RECHECHED MY OWN SPELLING ON ACCT NAMES DAILY TOO. I reached out every possible way Ebay never ever came back once to any respond I ever tried for anything! So here it is and I am now SCREWED w/only 1 thing I do have left to keep me going. That’s MY DEEPNESS of DEEP RAGE INSIDE OF ME!! “I HAVE MY DAILY AFFIRMATION I WILL DETONATE A PLAN-TO SECRETLY SAY FU### U EBAY JACKASS’S!” BECAUSE GUESS WHO’S BACK? BACK AGAIN? (ONLY THEY WILL NEVER EVER KNOW AGAIN-ALSO THEN I CAN ACTUALLY FEEL DIGNIFIED AGAIN PERHAPS IN A SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT ON THERE UNJUST BLACK SOULS PARTAKING IN THE ORCHESTRATION ON ANY TYPE OF MALICIOUSNESS, GREEDINESS, + ” THE WRONGDOING’S & THAT IS A VERY GENEROUS WORD FOR BLACK SOULS OR HELPERS WHO WONDER OUR EARTH!”

Posted: September 6, 2012 at 3:25 pm

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One thought on “Ebay took (“ESSENTIALLY”) my life, family, ANY fun and my business
  1. hanna on

    I was using paypal to sell on ebay and one day without warning both my paypal account and ebay account was permanently suspended. I had over 3 years of nearly selling history and then a buyer with 3 feedbacks filed a claim of item not received and bam my accounts are shutdown! There was NOTHINg i could do there wa no reasoning with either paypal or ebay. Just like that I lost my main source if income and had to move myself and my daughter in to my parents place.