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Ebay High Tech Thieves

By John Coombes

HOW EBay use PayPAL to steal money from unsepecting buyers too buy thing through EBay’s sellers who are just high teck
thieves that use the protection of EBay,s polices Here is what happen too my son.

My son (Kenzie) order a MPC2000XL through EBay from KTownrecords from a MR.K.Hunter of Chicago ILL./usA on Oct.19/2004 WE paid 1,039.02 cad. through PayPaL with PayPaL EMail ID PPO16 with square trade care ID 868715263. Mr. Hunter told my son bye EMaIL that because of customs it would take 8 too 12 weeks for delievery. But as you know I wouldn’t be writing too you now if my son had recieved the equipment he son put a trace on the order in JANUARY Before the 90 days was up and also email Mr. Hunter hinself we even called Ktownrecords and left messages for Mr.Hunter with no results.So we contacted Ebay again that is when we where told that 90days have past so it was to late too do anything.So Ebay allowed theft through their Progan as long as it is over 90days.

I think the media would like too know that EBay allowes thieves too rip off unsepecting buyer from Canada and other parts of the world bye selling things and never delever then like all thieves take the money an run but on Ebay it’s run too the next buyer.So my son and I are out$1,039.02 but Ebay says that this is OK bye then how many other people have lost their hard earned money through Ebay My son needed this equipment for recording the item was A SUPER CLEAN MPC2000XL IN Mint Condition Item# 3755057157/ Payment800.00US

Mr.John Coombes,
4McLennan St.,
Glace Bay N.S.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 12:46 pm

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One thought on “Ebay High Tech Thieves
  1. Jeremy on

    eBay also forced one of my buyers to open a dispute even when it clearly showed they received the item and they signed for it!!!!

    What gives?!!! Not only that, my account is in the negative with PayPal with over $400 and my eBay was suspended with no chance to appeal!!!

    I had to resort to going stealth with the help of Auction Essistance because eBay doesn’t give a rat’s azz about you apparently.