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Ebay is no longer enjoyable as an occasional seller

I was a regular Ebay buyer and occasionally resold some of those items. A few years ago, one buyer decided the item he bought wasnt exactly what he wanted and opened a dispute. We agreed he was to send it back. It was particularly heavy…around 150lbs, and shipped it back to me in two cardboard boxes with no packing materials instead of strapped yo a skid like the item was sent to him. He wanted to use ups who had a 150lb package limit. Adding adequate packaging would have put him over that limit. This was a address printer used in the direct mail marketing business. The printer arrived half hanging out of the boxes and buttons and parts were falling out of the cartons. I collected some off the floor of the ups van. The printer was destroyed and beyond salvage. I had to sign for the delivery before I saw the shipment so I could not refuse it. I knew paypal would refund the buyers money as soon as the return confirmation (signature) was reported, so I called my credit card issuer immediately and reported my card stolen. Paypal would not consider the condition of the return shipment, even after a damage report was filed with ups and the police. My account was subsequently limited, and after a few years of no logins, I received an email stating my account would be closed. Ebay is no longer enjoyable as an occasional seller.

Posted: July 2, 2013 at 5:57 pm

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