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Pay Pal Froze My Account

By Destrie’ Huffman

I have had an ebay and pay pal account for a couple of years now.

I had established myself as an ebay power seller with a positive feedback of over 200. I started using pay pal to make sending and receiving payments earier. Everything went fine until I had a customer who emailed me to ask when I shipped her package and because I did not have any auctions running I did not check my email that day.

She filed a complaint with pay pal because I did not respond saying that she had payed for an item and hadn’t received it. As soon as I got her email (the next day) I sent her a delivery confirmation number and thought all was well.

I logged into my pay pal account and found that my account had been frozen. I did not have enough money to cover the amount of her purchase so it caused me to have a negative balance. I always transfered payments to my bank account as soon as received them for fear of hackers. I contacted them and gave them the delivery confirmation number thinking they would lift the complaint but they didn’t.

I had won a couple of auctions and because I couldn’t pay for them in time, the sellers left me negative feedback. As if that weren’t bad enough the complaining buyer then decides she wants a refund but doesn’t want to returnt the item first and also wants me to send her cash or wire the money to her instead of going back through pay pal. I called pay pal and told them about all of this and they advised me not to send cash and to tell the buyer she must return the item first. They also said that the buyers intentions did not sound very good but still would not unlock my account.

I offer a full money back guarantee on everything I sell on ebay and have always returned customers money when they requested it…once the item was returned of course. Since all of this has happened I have had 1 customer request to return an item because she received the wrong thing (totally my fault) but I can’t refund her money because if pay pal. This is a total fraud.

I was afaid that pay pal would try to take the money to cover my negative balance from my checking account or credit card so I called and spoke with a pay pal representative and they told me that it was against the law for them to take money from a person’s checking account or credit card without the owner’s permission so I felt better…until I started reading about other’s horrible experiences with pay pal! 

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:40 am

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