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ebay and Paypal is all the same horrible company

Ebay and paypal are the same company if you love being screwed by the same company under two different names then keep dealing with them. To make it an even more horrible experience try BillMeLater (BML) they just empty your bank account whenever they feel like it. It is best not do deal with either if you can help it. I would never sell again on ebay and paypal like i said is the same company under a different name so you will get the run around with both names pretending to be different companies . Even a person without a brain can figure this out yet no one over at ebay and paypal seems to have a clue what is going on and they just pass you around like a piece of dirty laundry. Or they just don’t give a shit.

Posted: February 24, 2014 at 7:41 pm

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2 thoughts on “ebay and Paypal is all the same horrible company
  1. liz woods on

    I wrote this to a TV reporter to see if they would do a story.

    Paypal Is owned by Ebay and both companies don’t work together let alone separately to protect the seller. It is an unlevel playing field and there have been many class action lawsuits where they have had to pay up. Paypal doesn’t even list a corporate number which is required when I asked the executive office they knew but didn’t offer an explanation on why they keep disconnecting the number when they have been warned. Even the employees in the resolution department say it has come to a point where sellers are just quitting. If there are no sellers there are no buyers which equals no money.

    I know this firsthand and have written the CEO of paypal and ebay and consumer reviews published my email to David CEO of paypal.
    If any buyer opens a case for any reason with paypal and escalates it you will automatically have a negative mark on your ebay account, no exceptions. If the buyer is wrong it doesn’t matter and neither ebay or paypal can remove it, according to them. Of course when I spoke to the executive offices and escalation departments to ask if the CEO had the power to remove it, silence, yes he can.

    A buyer who returned an item damaged ran to paypal and within 3 minutes escalated the case and I have spent the last 2 months trying to get this removed. Paypal has admitted the error and offered money for my inconvience. As I said to the CEO, “you didn’t get to your position by accepting something that is fundamentally wrong”.
    Another time a buyer basically stole a Chanel bag only to resell it.

    Buyers know the system where they hold feedback over sellers heads to get what they want. Ebay is the only online commerce site that relies completely on feedback. If you don’t have good feedback or you don’t have any you can forget about having a business. Sellers can NEVER leave a negative feedback even if the buyer violates multiple policies. They can open a case saying the item isn’t as described and Paypal automatically takes the money out of the sellers account and holds it upon investigation where the seller has less than 10% chance of winning and that is being generous. The buyer can also go to their credit card company and ask for a refund and then the card company contacts paypal who will always lose out to them. The buyer has a win win situation and the seller a lose lose situation.

    It is about time that this is brought to peoples attention so they don’t have to find out the hard way. If you use ebay you have to use paypal and the 2 companies can’t access one another and have separate platforms. The forums are filled with one nightmare story after another yet ebay for the time being has the foothold on internet selling for used goods. Sellers work hard to have a good reputation and it can take one person to ruin it.

  2. Donald Thompson on

    Only toilet paper comes in contact with more assholes than you find on ebay or paypal. they both suck