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Ebay and Paypal have jointly screwed me

I did 7 years of blameless trade with them, then I fell into the hands of a couple of dishonest buyers. When I resisted, I was stuffed. eBay closed my account. Six months later, having divorced and gone back to my maiden name, and from a new address, I opened another – much needed – eBay and Paypal account. I started trading and – BAM! – they say they have found a connection to a blocked account, delete all my entries and block my new account. Do these bastards have any idea how much harm they are doing to innocent people? Their creepy and insidious investigation of everything you do leads to inevitable connections with past activities. If those past activities – no matter how innocent – have got you into trouble, that stuffs you for all time. The world needs to wake up to how dangerous eBay and Paypal have become. They have appointed themselves judge, jury and executioner, in a trial in which the only mover is eBay and Pay pal profit. I hope both businesses crash and burn for what they’ve done to an innocent and well-meaning victim of dishonest eBay buyers.

Posted: September 10, 2015 at 7:26 pm

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One thought on “Ebay and Paypal have jointly screwed me
  1. Ivan on

    If PayPal has money of yours and refuse to allow you access, I advise you file a complaint with the Attorney General Office of the state PayPal resides. (PayPal felt ‘compelled’ to forward monies owed to me, though they also reiterated that it was explicitly their choice and were not forced to do so by the State [of course, they would have been forced if they delayed any further].)

    That occurred years ago, after which I avoid anything connected to PayPal–including sites which use PayPal solely to process credit card payments.

    I advise you inform yourself about merchant accounts, as well as credit card processing (no, nothing like square–it gets expensive when selling high priced items).

    AnythinG BUT PayPal.