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PayPal Buyer Scammed Me

By Fatesfan

Issue – this scam artist used Ebay to milk me out of funds. He asks me to end an auction early for him but wants to purchase outside of ebay. He pays me $25, I send merchandise then he says “whoops cd never arrived”. He files through Paypal and say “we want proof you mailed it” . okay, here is my post office receipt showing I mailed it to that zipcode. Nope, not good enough. Ignoring the fact that I have used paypal for years and have given them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in so called “fees” & i have over 99% feedback … do they care what i say? Do they ask for my side of the story? They just give the jackass listed above his $25 right back (I offered to re-send one and he balked at it…said he would only acccept “new sealed for a store”. Classic bait and switch.

This is professional conduct? This is an institution responsible for the public’s money and they are not even financially insured? This is a very scary thing much less that Ebay of all people are behind it! Ebay won’t take responsibilty for the transactions done on ebay and paypal won’t guarantee that your money will stay in your paypal account even if people like the one listed above commited FRAUD and LIED. Gee, what a great way to profit from the internet.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:44 am

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One thought on “PayPal Buyer Scammed Me
  1. Carmen Huges on

    Sadly I had heard this story too many times. EBay doesn’t want you to use any other merchant account for the same reason. It really disgusts me that these two don’t want to acknowledge the fact, that if it wasn’t for us sellers they really won’t have any business what so ever. They are greedy!!! People who hate to pocket or gift any one if they see it was there fault and not yours. I understand that they want to protect the buyer, but if the seller has proof that they send the item, then it should be there responsibility to advise the buyer that it was shipped therefore you will not be getting any money from us. I hate PayPal. I hope they close soon.