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eBay problem got my PayPal account limited

I went on holiday last year, put my holiday settings on my ebay account but left the option that the customer could still purchase my items(I had a small business selling maternity items) I had some customers complain about slow delivery – I sent everything recorded delivery but didn’t for the items going abroad – I had some buyer disputes open against me because of slow delivery – I explained the holiday settings were on but eBay said I should have turned them off completley and because of the number of cases they restricted my account and PayPal limited my account that I had been using for years – prior to this I had sold on eBay for 4 years with an excellent track record. We had some things to sell in our house recentley so we used my husbands account but on the day the auction items were due to end they limited his account too! Now we can’t sell on eBay at all and I will never use Paypal again…even if I can.

Posted: May 10, 2012 at 6:42 pm

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2 thoughts on “eBay problem got my PayPal account limited
  1. ColorRun12 on

    Ugh! sounds a lot like my story. I just dont know where pay pal gets off limiting peoples accounts?! I too was with them for quite a few years before they started bullying me around.

  2. Carlos C. on

    Sorry to hear that you were using them for about four years, and because of some error on their part. They let you go like you were nothing to them. I find that very poor loyalty on their part. If you wanted to do something wrong, you would had a long time ago. It is their loss not yours. Oh and yes defenilty don’t ever go back to them.