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eBay wants me to ship for free

E-Bay is allowing people to complain about my $1.65 shipping charge, which IS ACTUAL COST !
Because of the complants I go below standard and Pay Pal holds my money until at LEAST 3 days after proven delivery of sold item. AS IF I AM A THIEF ! I HAVE 1,200 FEEDBACKS, AT 100% POS. Have NEVER STOLEN FORM ANYONE !
ALL E-Bay will say, is, WELL, SHIP FOR FREE AND THIS WON’T HAPPEN !!! I sell 500 items a month ! That would be$825. EVERY MONTH That I would loose. So, I told E-Bay, ” GOOD IDEA ! ” BETTER YET, WHY DON’T E-BAY LET ME LIST MY ITEM FOR FREE ! HELL, IT’S ONLY A DOLLAR, THEN I WOULD SHIP FOR FREE AND EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY !OF COURSE THEY SAID THEY COULD NOT DO THAT ! Yet they expect me to loose money. So they look good. Listen, E-Bay has come up with a way to hold peoples money for up to 10 days after deposit. How many millions do you think that is? Can they use that money? Make intrest on it? Or at least make their books look better than they really are? I swear that is what they are doing. ANd WHY, would E-Bay allow someone to make complaints that are not, by any standard, real, or you know, I have not done anything wrong ! So, then I sold a coin, the lady BEGGED me to send it to her asap and she would pay on Friday. She had 300 feedbacks so I did it. Well, she did not pay. I kept sending her Emails and no responce. So I went to leave her Negative feedback and E-Bay would not let me, YOu know why? Because it showed the item had not been paid for ! I said NO SHIT ! THAT IS WHY I WANT TO LEAVE NEG. FEEDBACK! Then Ebay kicked me off because They said I was harasing the woman. I am so sick of these people, I wish I had the capitol to start up G-Bay !!!! I would mirror there company but not rip people off and treat sellers like crap ! You want in?
Thanks now. I hope I can skirt around all this but I hate loosing my 1,200 feedbacks !
O, and by the way? I sold $185,000. last year. And do you think they care ???? TOO BIG TO FAIL !!!
and PAy PAl ???? I told them why do you say PayPal. Its all EBAy. They said no, seprate company. And I told them if so then WHY DON’T YOU GROW SOME BALLS. WHY WOULD YOU LET E-BAY TELL YOU WHO CAN HAVE THERE MONEY AND WHO CAN’T ? I SAID I AM LEAVING PAYPAL TOO YA KNOW. PAYPAL SUCKS.

Posted: June 18, 2012 at 3:05 pm

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One thought on “eBay wants me to ship for free
  1. darryl on

    There is no winning with ebay or paypal. you do as they tell you or get out. that’s your 2 options. they don’t care if it doesn’t make sense or put you at financial strain. ebay and paypal still collect their fees and that is what it’s all about. I had my paypal account for years using it to sell on ebay until i finally had enough one day and it wasn’t that I lost thousands of dollars or anything like that. They just don’t give a shit about their users and could care less if you leave. So I left. Got a merchant account and I am still able to sell on ebay so that works for me.