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ebay shut our bussiness down with orders needing processing

My dad ran a business under my name because of personal irs crap. i trusted that he would run everything smoothly then transfer to his name after he was clear with irs. ebay shut us down with over 1200 orders sold and needing processed and shipped. the wanted us to refund all the customers, but we only make 7% profit on each item so our money was tied up in what the customers bought. this was a business that paid the bills for a five person family. some customers were refunded but then others weren’t because the business ran out of money to refund, ebay never refunded the fees that they collected from the customers refunded and paypal overdrafted the business account by 6k, so dad went to amazon to try to sell and pay ebay off at the same time, but amazon shut him down after thirty days, amazon works with paypal now so i assume its because of them, then chase closed mine and my husbands personal accounts three months later for no reason they say, i assume because paypal works with chase as well, i’m pissed at my family of course but the business wouldn’t owe this much and went under if they were able to ship the products to the customers, fuck you ebay and paypal.

Posted: April 24, 2013 at 6:43 pm

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