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eBay sides with scammer who gets silver tea caddy for free

Sold a silver tea caddy to a guy from Russia, he waited until I sent the item supplied him with the customs info and claimed non-receipt. My customs form shows it left the usa through Kennedy airport in NYC. Ebay gave him back his 384.00 then advised me Russia does not supply delivery confirmation unless an item is sent overnight registered mail. This occurred in Jan never got my tea caddy back, he has it, along with my money and ebay suspended my account because I refuse to reimburse them for helping this guy rip me off. His user ID says he is from Armenia his name is Katchur something, delivery was to Moscow to someone named Simon. Ebay didn’t care about his lies and two other power sellers he ripped off, they screwed me over and helped this guy commit theft.

Posted: October 2, 2013 at 7:06 pm

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