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Will never use eBay/Paypal again unless I’m a buyer!

I did an auction for a charity I’m involved with. It was for a winner to be able to attend two Hollywood events (both happening on the same day). Since both events did not have actual tickets, the winner’s name was put on the guest list. The winner was emailed all of the info to get into the events, but nothing was mailed since there was nothing to mail. It was my job to facilitate the winner’s experience at both events. He showed up, was escorted by me at both events and got more than what was promised in the description… access for an extra person, VIP parking, and a wristband that allowed him to get gifts that only celebrities were getting… We got along well, I thought. About a month later I get a hold notification from Paypal stating the buyer never received the item and put in a dispute with his credit card company. The money was automatically put on hold and our Paypal account went negative since the money was already given to the charity. This prevented us from doing other planned auctions as they money raised would just go against the negative balance. They said I needed to supply proof the item was shipped. If anyone had looked at the description they would have seen that what I was selling was an experience that did not require anything to be mailed. There wasn’t even information regarding a shipping fee or anything regarding shipping on the listing. I wrote back stating that I could provide notarized letters from myself, the event producer and the talent coordinator who all saw him attending and having a good time at the events. Paypal wrote back saying they were going to take my side and dispute the credit card company. Well, a few months later I get an email saying the credit card company won and there is nothing they can do about it. Not only am I out the money, they are still charging me the eBay fees for the sale as well. Since I haven’t paid that fee as I’m still trying to make up for all the money lost in the transaction, I’ve been getting all sorts of collection calls. It’s crazy! All over something that was supposed to be for charity! I can’t believe someone can go to a charity event, say they never went and get their money back. This is fraud. Will never use eBay/Paypal again unless I’m a buyer!

Posted: July 9, 2012 at 2:49 pm

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4 thoughts on “Will never use eBay/Paypal again unless I’m a buyer!
  1. Harold on

    WOW that is a damn shame! The buyer obviously was planning this from the beginning and paypal really doesn’t care. All they care about is their pockets. In the future may i suggest using a real merchant account, They can handle your type of business. Less stress and headaches for you and more security for you as well.

  2. Orjan on

    So very true.. paypal can screw you over time and again as a seller and this has happened many times to me but as a seller i always come out victorious. I have never committed any fraud as a buyer but I can see how it is easily done and it was done 3 times to me selling watches on ebay. Selling virtual goods or something with out a tracking number is VERY risky. I just can’t understand how a person pays for a charity event, experience the whole thing and then thinks he does not have to pay for it. I hope he rots in hell with paypal.

  3. Jahzeel Motta on

    Heck I won’t use them as a buyer or seller. The PayPal fraud percentages are so high that it’ll make your head spin. They always have ways of covering it up. One big one I’ve noticed is siding with the buyer. If the buyer his happy then the charge doesn’t get reversed/disputed from their credit card and it looks all good on PayPal’s little score card. What people fail to take into account is the amount of con-artist banking on the fact that the odds are in their favor. I had my credit card stolen and some goofball ran up $300 in charges and paypal refused to reimburse me. I won’t touch that company with a 10 foot pole!

  4. Samson on

    The nerve of some people. It’s a damn shame that this person would screw over a charity. People have no morals these days. As far as paypal goes there really is no protection for a seller or a buyer. I have been screwed over by them being both the seller and the buyer. The best way to avoid it all is to not use paypal. I refuse to purchase anything from someone using paypal and I will never again use them for my selling needs. I went with merchantinc for my selling needs and it has been greats!