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Ebay/Paypal has no respect for the people who helped them get to the top.

I have been a loyal buyer and seller on Ebay since 1999. I have bought things from Ebay during all stages of life…getting a new house, pregancy, baby clothes, and I bought and sold items post a Liver Transplant. Here is my recent story of how I get treated for such loyalty.

A friend of mine had items he wanted me to sell for him for 30%. He was hoping to raise enough money to pay for his son’s football gear, and I decided that we might make enough to send my daughter to a 4 day cheerleading camp. We are not a business, we are not big dealers on Ebay. As a matter of fact we are just 2 families that live from paycheck to paycheck and want good things for our families and children. I have been very fortunate that people come to me to help them, so I can make a little extra money for my medications. The stuff that my friend had was fantastic. He had bought a storage building in an auction, and it was full of collectibles! The items that he had were awesome and did well on Ebay, and our kids were able to get their football gear and camp, and we were all able to pay off some bills; and it was a very exciting summer for us. I only had one difficult transaction and it was by a guy that decided he wanted all 7 of the pairs of shoes that I had for auction. He was a nonpayer, and I relisted them…. a pain, yes, but worked out ok.

Today I am being told that I owe Ebay/Paypal $245.39 for an item that was shipped to Hong Kong. The buyer says that he did not receive the item.

Everyone one else received their items.

My items were all listed as US shipping only. This bidder emailed me and said “what’s the problem, if we pay?” “It would be ok”. I went out of my way to find out from the USPO how to send. I made an offer on shipping these items in a Small Flat Rate Box, and the bidder took my offer “as offered”.

I mailed the items to the buyer with the cutsom’s number my postal representative told me would be the way to track it.

I also went out of my way multiple times to make sure that the package was on its way. I was told my USPS tracking that it left the US on August 13, 2012 via Florida. There is no tracking information to be found after it left the US.

Now I am being told by the buyer, Ebay and Paypal that I am having to eat the costs for listing, packing, my time, fees, win amount and shipping on an item that I do not have. If I had anything I could resell it, but I don’t because I shipped it to this man in Hong Kong to the address he had listed on Paypal. To make it worse, I only made $68 on this transaction. I did everything right. I followed the terms of our agreement and what I was told at the post office and by Ebay, and yet I am stuck with being responsible for the failure of the shipping services in the buyers foreign country?

It still breaks my heart that Ebay/Paypal would believe a man in Hong Kong with no evidence, over me, a loyal Ebay customer/seller who has a USPS receipt and customs number for the item sent. Apparantly, Ebay/Paypal is just another corporate greedy company that has no respect for the little people who helped them get to the top.

Posted: October 30, 2012 at 2:47 pm

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