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Email States Fraud Alert

By Brenda

The only reason i got involed with paypal, is because of youth camp my kids wanted to go, but the deadline for the money was in two days, so i knew it wouldnt get in the mail in time, so you could pay for youth camp online so i did, two months ago. now today i received an email saying  fraud Alert! they said  they have notice some unusual activity in my account, so they put a access limit to my account until this issue is resolved. I only paid camp through them. they said they need my  banks name , my atm pin number, they want me to reconfirm my credit card number, which they had my number on the email already. they even need my banks routing number. I called my bank canceled my card, and Im taken a copy to Jag monday.I also sent them a email stating im heading to Jag. I have even emailed the camp, before they lose any money!!!!!!!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 6:45 am

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One thought on “Email States Fraud Alert
  1. Metric Monkey on

    Paypal’s email will never ask you for secured information. You need to make it a practice to guard your PIN with you life; hell my husband doesn’t even have mine lol. Sometimes when you’re in a bind you need to use a company like paypal’s that makes the process smooth. I’ve been working with them off and on for years with minimal hassles.